Corporate Info

Kulim Advanced Technologies Sendirian Berhad (KTECHNO) was established to offer a complete portfolio of Training, Engineering and ICT. The primary role of KTECHNO is to be the catalyst and contributor to Training Sector, Advanced Engineering and ICT.

As a company focusing on delivering hi-tech services and education to the industries, our aim is to promote and support Human Resource Development (HRD), Entrepreneur & Vendor Development and Engineering & Technical Services. To realize enormous potentials within the industrial sector and linking services to the market, we offer “state of the art” infrastructure to support technology development with the latest technology facilities at our KHTP Techno Centre and Metal Excellence Centre.

Registered company no.: 199601001130 (373476-T)
1st Floor, KHTP Techno Centre
Kulim Hi-Tech Park,
09090 Kulim, Kedah.
Phone: 04-4031633
Fax : 04-4031628
E-Mail :